• It’s The Absolutely Best Organic Products by Dr. Bronners

    When trying to find products to use that are both organic and fair trade Dr. Bronners fits the bill. With all the items they have to choose from you will be sure to find at least one that will work for you and your family. They were kind enough to send me some products so here […]

  • Etsy Gift Guide

    It’s that time of year again. Finding a gift for everyone on your list seems to be getting harder and harder. On top of that, we are collecting a TON of Christmas decor and always wanting more. Etsy seems to be a great go-to for everything and all the makers are so nice. Below is […]

  • Stop Living a Comparable Life

    When you first woke up this morning and think to yourself well I’m not 20 anymore. Those pains in your body kinda seem to have come from out of nowhere overnight. Like how can it be that I did something to my back from just sitting?! I mean they do say sitting it really bad […]

  • Best Hepa Air Purifier

    A good Hepa Air Purifier is a HUGE part of getting your health back on track. Opening the windows is such a great idea well it gets all the unclean air out. Sometimes though opening the windows isn’t doable. So then starts the journey of a good Hepa air purifier. Should it be big? Should […]

  • How to Get the Best Beach Hair

    When it comes to getting the best beach hair it can be easy. Sure you can get a product turn on your blow dryer twirl it around and pray it’s curly. Just to see it be a mess of well hair. Let’s talk about an easier way that gets you beach hair even if you […]

  • Ways to Spend Time Alone

    When it comes to spending time alone it seems to be something we rarely do. We give ourselves a mile long list of things to do but spending time isn’t on there. So to help you get started I’d like to give you some ideas. These are things that can be scheduled once a week […]

  • Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum Review

    When looking for a face serum the first place to go is your trusty Think Dirty App. This will help you choose the best serum and know the ingredients you will be putting on your face. Reading reviews on all the serums will help you know which product may or may not agree with you […]

  • Remedy for Smelly Armpits

    So when it comes to being smelly we tend to want to do anything to get rid of it. Before switching to a more natural deodorant I had to use a clinical deodorant. Once i found out what was in that deodorant I kicked it to the curb. Since the first natural deordorant my armpits […]

  • How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp

    Having an itchy scalp is the literally the most annoying thing ever! Not as annoying as running out of coffee but it’s close. If your itchy scalp is anything like mine we have to get rid of it. Are you the person that has 10 different shampoos and conditioners because all the sudden that shampoo […]

  • Best Organic Coffee Bean

    The organic coffee bean. Why must you be so hard to find. I mean you can find coffee anywhere. But a good one that comes from a fair trade place and tastes good. Now that has been hard. So after many lbs of coffee and probably too many cups I found one I can’t stop […]

  • Easter Crafts Will Change Your Life

    Easter crafts they can either make or break your holiday. Kids love them and parents tend to dread them. If we play our cards right we can make this more enjoyable for all. So let’s talk about ways do to just that. Easter Crafts Will Change Your Life: Memories Now with anything, we tend to […]

  • Things That Happen With Self Care

    Self care is the act of doing something for yourself that fills your cup up. When thinking about self care the first thing we run into is time. Of course, we would LOVE to throw on a facemask and pamper ourselves for 20 minutes three times a week. The moment we put it on it seems […]

  • Why Spring Cleaning is a Must Do

    When it comes to spring cleaning most of us are less than thrilled with the idea. It’s just starting to get warm outside we certainly don’t want to be inside cleaning. While that list is growing in your head let’s break down easy ways to make it easier! Why Spring Cleaning is a Must Do: […]

  • Why a Couple Image is Cuter Than a Kitten

    As a couple, we can either take too many photos or not enough. I find we never take enough. We go on a trip and when we come back we find not one picture was taken. Some people in my family will tell you that you have the images in your mind so that is […]

  • How to Overcome in the Struggle World

    To the one who has any kind of struggle. Whether that be to read, to understand, to be understood, to speak louder, to stop talking, to stop drinking, to stop eating so much, to eat more, or something totally different. Please stop being so hard on yourself! You were given this struggle for a reason. […]

  • 6 Valentine’s Box Ideas Your Family Wouldn’t Tell You

    When it comes to Valentine’s Day we are all on different wave length’s. Some of us would like to just skip over this day altogether. Others of us have thought of all things pink and read to make the day magical. Where ever you are on this scale let me help you with valentine’s box ideas […]

  • Why Healthy Food is really Hot right now

    When it comes to healthy food everyone has a different theory on why one way is the best. This is not an article on what is the best it simply is just facts. Give yourself grace through this process and know you are doing the best you can. Let’s talk about healthy food and how […]

  • Stay Organized

    Have you ever met someone that likes to stay organized? Then you think to yourself stay organized? I can’t even get organized lady! Ok, so I am the lady that has to stay organized all the time otherwise I feel like I’m trying to do life with two left arms. With that being said these […]

  • The History of How To De-clutter Your Life

    When it comes to de-cluttering that always sends people running for the hills. I mean we all want to help not have everything everywhere but hey life happens. So instead of needing to de-clutter everything at once let’s just focus on the main things. Keep in mind to de-clutter your life that will look different […]